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The first made in France mining farm for cryptocurrency.

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Cloud Mining is a crypto currency mining activity that allows the owner of the computing hardware so-called "miner" to secure network transactions. As a reward for this activity "the miner" is paid in fraction of crypto currency.

At present, it is necessary to have a large computing power called « Hashpower » for this activity to become profitable, which requires expensive facilities, significant energy resources and high technical knowledge. That's why mining farms are created.

Mining farms have the resources to perform complex algorithmic calculations. When a user buy a cloud mining contract at "Mine in France", the company makes available to its client some of the hardware power of the farm to perform calculations and the reward is shared with the customer. This allows generating passive income without any particular effort on the client side.

Once the contract is signed, we take care of everything!!! And you will receive your first fractions of crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero etc ...)

An efficient mining equipment in constant evolution

A green mining vision

The ability to resell your « cloud mining » contract

A dashboard of real-time production

The proximity of customer service

The opportunity to visit our facilities

Daily payouts of your investment in your personal portfolio

Ease of use

Assistance to guarantee the addressing security of the wallet

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